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SHOCKING PINKiee is the protean super cat living between Outer Space and the earth, which can come and go to both of them freely.
But he is able to stay on the earth with the promise not to scare earthling with his super power, so he always uses his power secretly for putting joys, smiles, nice-surprises on them, and now he is popular also on the earth. 
He has a shocking-pink-colored family and lots friends, which are same color as SHOKING PINKiee. 
He is always popular, so he is always spoken to in a friendly way.
Favorites:Strawberry, Rose Honey
SHOCKING PINKiee the Cat's Family
Sweetiee PINKiee Portrait Richiee PINKiee Portrait Baby-PiNKiee Portrait
Sweetiee PINKiee
Richiee PINKiee
Kid Sister
Sweetiee PINKiee is the Mom of SHOCKING PINKiee, which is super sexy as much as her son's cheeks blush. 
Unconsciously knocking all beings out with her beauty and sexiness, it's not too much to say that those are gifts. 
"Beauty is a sin." is one of her lines. 
She remains placid and suave even in a crisis, and she always takes her time. 
But she is a super cat of high caliber and level-headed problem solver, with her exceptional intelligence and logical mind, contrary to appearances, which is a quite hotshot. 
She has her husband Richiee eating out of her hand completely. 
But he is really happy about that.
They get on very well together.
Richiee PINKiee is the dad of SHOCKING PINKiee, which is the provider of the PINKiees. 
With the help of his beauty, he climbed to the top of the Super Models when he was young, and made a fortune in his lifetime. 
Because of his beauty, he is very popular also with same-sex peers, even after marriage. 
He is happy-go-lucky, and frustratingly takes his time. 
But he can't help doing something when he sees someone in trouble, so he helps anyone who asks like a Superman with rushing from place to place. 
Because he really loves his wife Sweetiee PINKiee, his expression of love to her is extremely hot without being sensitive about others' attention. 
So all beings of 18 or under are not permitted to come and visit the PINKiees' house, without the PINKiees' permission.
Babee-PiNKiee is the Kid Sister of SHOCKING PINKiee. 
But she is quite the little lady, and her way of seeing the world is disgustingly too grown-up for her age, which is more than her much older brother SHOCKING PINKiee. 
Even so, physically, she is still a kitten, so she can't walk on two legs like her older brother and parents, and she always walks on four legs like cats on the earth. 
And though she has not yet had any whiskers peculiar to cats, she can pass thorough anywhere easily without whiskers, since she is the super kitten. 
With the super-kittenly power, no footprints are left on anywhere like a Ninja, so she plays advance tricks on us.
Furthermore, with Stay-Cee held on to Babee-PiNKiee's tail, her tail turns into a magic wand. 
Every time she waves it, a different kind of magic appears. 
You had better not underestimate her just as a cute kitten.
SHOCKING PINKiee the Cat's Friends
Stay-Cee Portrait Lovely Portrait Shiny Portrait
Very Close Friend
Love Expert
Extraordinarily Positive
Stay-Cee is the very close friend of SHOCKING PINKiee, appearing anytime day or night.
Once appeared, Stay-Cee stays with him without leaving his side. 
Stay-Cee is often a fixture in the PINKiees' house, so Stay-Cee is chummy with all members of the PINKiees as well. 
Stay-Cee supports SHOCKING PINKiee whatever happens, and shoots over for him in a shooting star instantly from anywhere and anytime. 
With one of his specialties, the Shadow Clone Technique, Stay-Cee can create copies of Xem, and change even into Twin, triplets, and thousands of stars etc. 
With the super power, Stay-Cee can provide infinite power. 
Stay-Cee is a very dependable super star.
Lovelee is one of the SHOCKING PINKiee's friends, which is a very supportive great counselor on Love for SHOCKING PINKiee. 
Lovelee is the super cat which used to live between Outer Space and the earth.
But while Lovelee was pretending to be kept as a pet by an earth person on the earth, one day he was taken to the vet by his owner, and he turned into a gender undetermined cat after neutered. 
Since then, Lovelee's inner self has been opened up, and the Aphrodite came out of Lovelee. 
In this way, Lovelee freed from gender evolved into a Love Expert.
And now, Lovelee always shoots love arrows.

Shyknee is with a very positive nature, exaggeratedly touched by everything and filled with joy easily, with the glittering aura, full of very pure & good heart and positive frame of mind in Shyknee. 
With the way of Shyknee's speaking - his distinctive accent with girly words, He is often mistaken for a queen. 
He never loses his smile with sparkling in his joy, even in every negative situation, because he can always find rays of hopes. 
That positive attitude is extraordinaire as much as no feeling out the situation, and furthermore, he takes every remark for a positive one in his peculiar interpretation. 
Therefore, he is hated at least once, but eventually he is loved by everyone with his consistent extraordinaire positive stance affecting them including those who hate him.
In fact, Shyknee is awesome super cat with heavenly shining.
Funky-Billy Portrait Angree Portrait Timidee Portrait
Fun & Groovy
Good & Bad Company
Funky-Billy is a cool musician. 
"WOW!" is his line. 
He is a schmoozer and luck-pusher, which exaggerates everything. 
His pouty lips is the most attractive feature of him and one of his favorites. 
He devotes every spare moment to put the catnip-flavored lip balm on his lips, and intoxicated with whatever he sees with getting high. 
When SHOKING PINKiee gets in trouble, He often appears with asking "What's wrong?" to poke his nose in PINKiee's business. 
But he tends to be an annoyance who makes the problem worse rather than solving it. 
But yet, strangely, every time Funky-Billy appears in the situation, some sort of miracle happens, and every problem of SHOCKING PINKiee is solved, thanks to the miracle. 
After solved problems and SHOCKING PINKiee was helped out of it, Funky-Billy goes away always with shouting "What a Miracle!".
Angree leads a life full of ups and downs as a stray cat, which he chose it by himself. 
So it's very hard for him to trust any other ones than himself. 
But he is a maverick and big-brother typed super cat. 
His basic nature is wild, and his fur always bristles up as much as he comes across as angry, which is electrically charged.
So if you touch him carelessly, you'll get an electric shock.
He is always outspoken and says something poignant to anyone, nevertheless, what he said is to the point most of the time, so you will be madder later again on second thoughts if you are the one who have been said by him. 
Angree considers SHOCKING PINKiee as that he does not know anything about the world, but he teach SHOKING PINKiee lots things about the world as a SHOKING PINKiee's good & bad company.
Timidee is with timid nature, and he is always somewhat running scared. 
With his nature, he cannot pretend to be cool, so he invariably breaks out into a heavy sweat when backed into a corner. 
But nobody takes to his heels as quickly as he does, which the speed is faster than the speed of light, so too fast to see him in the speed. 
Timidee aches for the strength and toughness like Angree. 
He had asked Angree to let him Angree's henchman, but instantly refused without any reason given. 
So since then, just for his happiness, he follows Angree about and waits on Angree hand and foot, despite Angree doesn't want that.
The Very First Story of SHOCKING PINKiee the Cat
Phoelix the Super Cat from Outer Space & Sepha Portrait
With inspired by Phoelix the Super Cat from Outer Space staying on the shocking pink bath mat, where is one of his favorite places, SHOCKING PINKiee the Cat was born out of the cat pictures drawn by Sepha. 
In fact, SHOCKING PINKiee the Cat was born in the full of joy like that - 
When Sepha was keeping on moving a (PC) mouse on her desk, Phoelix the Super Cat from Outer Space followed the mouse, and once the mouse suddenly flied off and started to chase after the sun, which was moving around faster on the desk, the mouse rocketed to an arch of the rainbow held out by the sun. 
Indeed, Phoelix the Super Cat from Outer Space and Sepha are the originator and creator of SHOCKING PINKiee the Cat.

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