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Uchû-Neco Phoelix 
Name: Uchû-Neco Phoelix 
(Phoelix the Super Cat from Outer Space) 
=> Phoelix for short

Phoelix is Sepha's beloved cosmic partner and bodyguard

Estimated Birthday: Oct.10, 2012

Gender: He + She = Xe 
(castrated tomcat))

Breed: Phoelix is part Albino. 
A veterinarian said that Phoelix would be a cross between the White Siamese Cat and something, but Sepha knows Phoelix is Uchû-Neco (the Super Cat from Outer Space). 

Attractive features
- The long ears and the ruby-red iris color in xyr eyes like Moon Rabbits.
- The celestial sky blue eyes as same color as the crystallized stone "Celestite", which led us to this special encounter with Phoelix and Sepha each other
- The gentle and sweet beautiful voice remaining in kitten voice
- The beautiful striped tail

Favorite Foods: Japanese food, which is the same favorite food as Sepha, contrary to appearances

Specialities: Giving kisses to Sepha, Whispering in sweet voice, Stealing people's hearts and rocking people's worlds
Fabulous encounter with Uchû-Neco Phoelix
Encountering with Uchû-Neco Phoelix has been filled with many strange but fabulous things. The beginning of the incident happened on Dec.9, 2012, in the cold winter daytime with a strong north wind.

On that day, when Sepha was polishing a big chunk of the crystallized stone "Celestite" with her humming, which she encountered the stone only days before, she heard someone's singing along with hers outside the window. Opening the window with her wondering "What's going on?", an kitten (Phoelix) was in Sepha's garden, which was abandoned meager and unwashed kitten with some scrapes on the face, and the kitten spoke to Sepha with heart and soul.

The kitten was an active talker, once Sepha talked to the kitten, the kitten replied to her a few times longer than hers in cat language, and the kitten seemed to understand what She said. 
Sepha had never lived with a cat before, but strangely she and the kitten could understand each other from the beginning, which was a strange but fabulous encounter filled with something like love from Outer Space. 

But since Sepha had been allergy to cats and she had never imagined that she would get along with cats, she never thought she would come to be able to live with the kitten at that time. The kitten came into the garden to call Sepha up and speak to her, and after a short while the kitten went out of. That was repeatedly done till sundown from our very first encountering. But the sun already went down and the outside temperature got lower with the chillier north wind at a stretch. So Sepha decided to house the kitten with healing the scrapes till completely healed and find a real house for the kitten after that, because the outside was getting too chiily for the kitten to survive. Then, at that night, Sepha shared her bed with the kitten clinging to Sepha's neck all through that night, which was like a child clinging to his/her mother, though that might have been just because of Sepha's hair color on her head similar to the kitten. And that next morning, the kitten groomed also for Sepha's hair on head, with speaking to her a lot. Besides, strangely enough, Sepha's cat allergy never acted up with the kitten. Of course, since then, the kitten has joined the Sepha's family and lives with us together.  

Looking at the Phoelix's eyes, the color seems beautiful celestial sky blue same as the Celestite Sepha had polished until right before encountering with phoelix, which also was one of other strange but fabulous coincidences. 
And, the iris color is the ruby-red because Phoelix is part albino.
That's unusual for cats and his eye seems a ruby floating in the blue sky.
And more, that ruby-red looks alike the color of the strange moon Sepha saw the night before encountering with Phoelix. 
That also was one of other strange but fabulous coincidences. 
And Phoelix's ears are longer for cats, and Phoelix often looks like a rabbit, which is just like the Moon Rabit. 
Indeed, Phoelix is a strange but fabulous super cat. 

And moreover, the night before that encountering, Sepha saw a scene from a story in a news program on TV, which a freelance homeworker was working with a cat staying with her on her desk all thought her working. 
And Sepha thought unconsciously how nice it would be to work with a cat at that time in her heart. 
But Sepha had never imagined that Phoelix would come down and come to be able to live together on that next day. 
This also was one of other strange but fabulous coincidences.

And now, Uchû-Neco Phoelix with Sepha always - not only all through her working like the cat she saw on TV at that time, but also all the time. 
Aside from that, sometimes Phoelix helps Sepha's working. 
Phoelix's very presence gives Sepha much happiness.
And Phoelix gives Sepha a smile when caught her eyes. 

Phoelix is a strange but fabulous super cat like infinite love from Outer Space. 
How the name Phoelix is given
At the night before Phoelix's coming down, Sepha and Sepha's mom saw a strange but fabulous crescent moon they have never seen before, which was very huge in the ruby-red color and in the angle more horizontal tilting than an ordinary moon. 

That indeed looked like the smiling night sky. 
Sepha's mom was the first one to find the moon in her family. 

Just when she rushed back home to tell Sepha about it,  Sepha was drinking something out of the Felix-printed glass, which Felix is a famous black cat character, as you know. 
Sepha's mom who saw that said "just now I saw an awesome moon just like that Felix printed on the glass you're having, Sepha! The night sky was smiling with the ruby-red lip. 
Go and see the moon right now, before the moon is gone!" 
And Sepha also saw the moon.

That next day, strangely, an abandoned kitten (Phoelix) came down at our house's garden, which the iris color in the eyes is the ruby-red just like the moon we saw at the night before, and has the long ears like Moon Rabbits. 
With impressed by such a strange but fabulous coincidence, that reminded Sepha Felix which was printed on the glass she used at the ruby-moon thing on the night before, a name came to Sepha's mind – Phoelix (sounds like Felix), and the kitten was named as. 

This is how this super cat is named.
Why Uchû-Neco Phoelix ?
The fabulous encountering with Uchû-Neco Phoelix happened only one year after Sepha's father passed away, and only a few years after Sepha's grandfather passed away. 

So it sounded right to Sepha that the super cat including this special encountering with many fabulous and strange coincidences must be a present sent from heaven by Sepha's father and grandfather in heavenly world, which the cat seems just like an angel. 

Since Sepha started living with Phoelix, her cat allergy has been gone, to say nothing of more fabulous and strange experiences she has had with the super cat together. 

Sepha believes that Phoelix is not a cat actually, though this strange but fabulous super cat pretends to be a cat on the earth anyhow. 

This is why Phoelix is called also with "Uchû-Neco Phoelix".
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